Issue "Failed to refresh live data from process"

After moving to new STS I experienced issue with LSP - Spring Boot Language Server that stated: Failed to refresh live data from process "processed" - Unknown after retries: 10.

Why this happens

The feature that causes this behavior is Live Application information from STS (more information here) and its goal is to provide live information from your Spring boot application (Spring Boot actuators provide this kind of info) and consolidate that information with code of your workspace. STS automatically tries to connect to the Spring Boot running process (whose id you see in message) to retrieve this live information, but for some reason, it doesn't manage to do so, therefore this error message pops-up. The default number of retries is 10, but this is configurable. 

There are few different reasons for this behavior - for example, STS is not able to get to the process, or Spring Boot app doesn't have actuators on the classpath. Second is the most common.


Usually, you're just missing actuators in your Spring Boot application. Add it to project's classpath. If you're using maven add actuator dependency to your pom.xml:


If you don't need this live data and you don't want to add actuators on your project, you can simply disable Live Application Information in Properties -> Language servers -> Spring Language Servers -> Spring Boot Language Server -> Spring Boot Java and uncheck Live Infomation - Automatic Process Tracking Enabled there.