1. Introduction

Eclipse is a highly configurable IDE. This means that we can add different extensions/plugins to add additional features and tool/language support to Eclipse. In this short tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to install Eclipse plugin from URL.

2. Installation steps

For purpose of this tutorial, we'll show how to install the ObjectAid plugin, which allows us to create UML diagrams from Java classes. Complete tutorial on how to generate UML diagrams from Java classes could be found here.

Step 1. Open Eclipse and navigate to Help -> Install New Software...

Step 2. On the next page titled Available Software, you'll see Add... button. Click it.

Step 3. In the next window, you'll be prompted to enter Name and Location for your repository. Location in URL of the plugin.

Step 4. The following dialog will list the available plugins from the URL you provided. Select what you need, and click Next.

Step 5. The next page will ask you to accept Licence terms and proceed to installation by clicking the Finish button.

Note: It can happen that you receive a Security Warning message because sometimes JAR files of the plugin are not signed. If you trust the source, click Ok.

3. Conclusion

In this tutorial, we showed how to install the Eclipse plugin from provided URL.